Anonymous asked:

Carlos, what was the moment you first realized you loved Cecil?

I think the moment I realised I liked Cecil is when I saw him for coffee, I told him it was not for personal reasons but that was the moment I really liked him. I fell in love with him on our first date, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t gone out with him sooner, he is the sweetest kindest person I have ever met and that moment outside the Arby’s was spectacular.

Anonymous asked:

(If you want people to send you asks, you might consider making your askbox easier to find) Cecil, what's your favourite thing about Carlos? Carlos, same question about Cecil.

Okay, well I love all of Carlos, especially his perfect hair! I really love it when he is scienceing and I can just watch him do things with his sciencey test tubes and gizmos, but I really love his hair. His perfect, perfect hair.

I really love Cecil’s calming voice, like if I accidentally explode something Cecil’s voice calms down instantly. My favourite time of day is when I’m working and I can turn on the radio to hear Cecil.

i-have-no-fandom asked:

Carlos: who wakes up first to make the coffee every morning. And is Cecil a morning person? He always seems so... Excited about work (not like Kevin though)

I usually wake up first in the morning because Cecil stays up really late so I make the coffee in the morning mostly. Cecil is very excited when he wakes up, it is really sweet because he is all bouncy and he does enjoy getting ready for work. I wouldn’t call him a morning person though, he would sleep for hours if he could so I do need to wake him up.






Audio snippets are taken from almost all the episodes, but no live shows yet so… enjoy every time Cecil has said Carlos’ name




What would drive someone to make this. Why. What person sat down and said “I’m going to make an audio of every time Cecil has said Carlos” WHO. I WILL FIND YOU

I did. I was bored. Don’t judge me

Oh my god the pain in some of those episodes it is so sad!!!!! But those moments when he is happily squeaking out Carlos is so perfect