There is a faceless old woman living in your home

Ever wonder why your web browsers history is filled with bing searches for “pictures of dead wolves” or “the melting point of birds” or why sometimes your shower drain gets clogged with organ meats or why sometimes you hear crying from behind the walls or scratching at the front door or you awaken to find long silver hairs on the pillow next to you. Or maybe, you’ve never noticed any of those things.


Anonymous asked:

Hi lovely, I started to learn watercolor, and I look at some artists and YouTube videos about that. Do you have any idea to watch? Any artist, style, technique, material, videos??

everyday-watercolor answered:

Hi there! I personally never watched any Youtube tutorials, but I’m always intrigued by Marion Bolognesi and Agnes Cecile’s watercolor pieces. 

Marion Bolognesi:

Agnes Cecile:

I would suggest that instead of starting from originals off the bat, try imitating other styles first to learn their technique, and then finding your own style while doing so.

I need to watch this


Anonymous asked:

I think your URL sucks, personally. I don't really know why everyone is wanting a name like Hipster. I think Hipsters are asshole little brats. And I think short tumblr names are radical and all, but not the name Hipster. :/ I like Dipster better.

hipster answered:

Is the word hipster too mainstream?